Senior Portraits Most Asked Questions

Senior Portraits

September 30, 2021

When should I take my senior portraits?

They say that timing is everything. There are many options for when to have senior portraits taken. Some seniors choose to be photographed in the springtime either of their junior or senior year. Others love the colors and cooler weather of the fall season. Some opt for studio portraits. If senior portraits in the studio are your preference, the time of years is much less important. So, as you can see, the answer to this question depends on a few different factors:


Are you wanting indoor or outdoor photos?

What is the weather like where you live?

What are you planning to do with the photos?


Let’s dive into more detail to help you decide when to take your senior photos!

Indoor or Outdoor photos?

The reason that this question really should come first is because some seniors don’t want outdoor photos at all. If that is the case, the weather outside is of no concern so photos can really be done at any time.

As a photographer, I often urge clients to consider a mix of outdoor and studio senior portraits. For one, because it gives variety. We can use both types of portraits to showcase each individual’s passions, hobbies and talents. Portraits are so much more than just showing up at a park and taking some pictures. For me, the best part of doing senior portraits is getting to know each client and designing a custom session just for them. Are they an athlete, performer, gamer, artist? The possibilities go are endless. Learning about the things that make them who they are is the first and most important step in this process.

What are you planning to do with the photos?

After custom designing the session to suit the individual, this is the next concern that we tackle in the design consultation. How do you want to display your photos? In a world of digital everything, I often find potential clients don’t know what they want to do with the completed portraits.

At Babies and Beauties Photography, we create custom art pieces that can be seen and enjoyed every day and then passed down as heirlooms. Framed canvas portraits, beautiful hand-crafted albums and collection boxes are all stunning displays for the photos of this momentous accomplishment. As all the items sold in my studio are custom made, time must be left for the order to be created.

Another consideration is that there are often many opportunities to use photos in yearbooks, class events and important ceremonies. These may require the portraits to be taken ahead of, or in the beginning of, senior year.

Once we have a better understanding of what the photos will be used for, we can then set the timeline for the session.

What is the weather like where you live?

There are very few places where weather doesn’t really need consideration. Even here in the San Diego area there are warmer months making the ideal times to take photos are from September through May. These months allow us to take advantage of cooler temperatures. For my clients, those decisions are made during the consultation appointment. This is when I get to know each senior as an individual and we begin to design the session, customizing it to their personality and interests.


All in all, the best advice I can give is to start the process early so that there is no need to rush. If you are interested in a custom senior portrait session with me, please fill out our contact form so we can get started custom designing a session that will perfectly capture who you are as you complete this milestone and prepare for your future. I book limited sessions each month so available sessions go quickly.



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