Newborn Photography

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

―A.A. Milne from Winnie the Pooh


Before they arrive, it’s hard to imagine what it will feel like to hold this tiny, precious person in your arms. It’s even harder to imagine how fast they will grow and change. As time passes, newborn portraits will be a visual reminder of that tiny baby. We take care to photograph each little feature and create beautiful and timeless images that you can display in your home, on the wall and in an album, so that the memory of those early days is never far away.

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When should I book my newborn session?

Newborn sessions should be booked as early as possible (usually 2-4 months prior to due date) as we have limited appointments available each month. If you wait until baby arrives, we may already be booked so book early!

How do I know what day to book my session when I don’t know exactly when baby will arrive?

Since baby doesn’t come with a guaranteed birthdate, we will note your due date and go from there. Once you have paid your non-refundable deposit, we will always make time. Please try to keep me informed and call me when you get baby home and we will find a day in those first couple weeks that will work.

Why do newborns have to be photographed between 5-14 days old?

Those sleepy, curly baby images you’re after are more easily achieved in this timeframe. Baby is sleeping more and still very flexible from being in mom’s tummy which can make getting those shots much easier. Although we can’t guarantee any specific shots (because all babies are different), we do our best to get those on your list!

Can we take family or sibling pictures during the newborn session?

Yes! Immediate family is welcome to join for a few shots. I recommend that a family member or friend bring siblings either in the beginning or end of the shoot so they don’t get restless waiting for the full 2-3 hours.

Can I bring a family heirloom or special outfit to be photographed with baby?

Absolutely! We will talk about any of these items or special requests during your consultation.

What should I bring to the session?

I will have beverages and some light snacks in the studio (so if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let me know.) 3 hours can be long and we want EVERYONE to feel completely comfortable and definitely not hungry so if you prefer to bring your own snacks, feel free. If you are using a pacifier for baby, please bring that with you as well.

What should baby wear to the photoshoot?

We recommend that baby wear something that doesn’t need to be pulled over the head because car ride + milk = sleep and we don’t want to disturb baby more than is necessary. A loose fitting diaper is also good to minimize lines on the skin.

Do you sell digital files?

Photography is an art and deserves to be admired daily and not sit on a disk in a drawer or on a computer hard drive. My clients feel the same way I do and choose custom art pieces and albums to celebrate the moments captured in their images. However, we understand that you may want to share your images on Facebook and make gift prints for family so, for each image you purchase, we will always provide you with a watermarked, social media sized file as well as a file printable to 8×10.

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Our clients’ health and safety is our top priority. As such, we are currently only booking outdoor milestone and family sessions. Newborn sessions will be booked as soon as it is safe to do so. If you are interested in a future newborn session, please fill out the contact form and we will gladly call to discuss scheduling your session!