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"My passion for photography goes beyond the lens, deeply rooted in my own family's story. I understand the importance of capturing those fleeting moments and turning them into lasting memories. My approach is personal. I truly want every family member to feel seen, heard, and beautifully represented in their portraits. 

Photography for me is about connection – with you, the city we both love, and the little moments. Let's create art that's as unique as your family's story. We'll capture those unscripted moments together, creating not just photos, but a legacy."

I'm a San Diego Lifestyle Portrait Photographer with a passion for creating printed artwork for families

I'm Cathee DeSoto

• I'm a true Southern California native, with a lifelong love for San Diego's vibrant culture and laid-back charm.

• Coffee in the morning and red wine in the evening.

• I’m Mexican food lover (and snob to be honest) especially from Lucha Libre.

• You might find me exploring Balboa Park, camera in hand, capturing life's spontaneous moments and looking up every time an airplane passes overhead.

• Travel is my passion, with Rome being top of my list to explore. In fact, I also work part time as a flight attendant.

• Whether considering a big decision or mending a broken heart, the ocean is where I go to find calm and grounding.

fun facts about me

From where my photography style lands to my favorite place to visit outside of San Diego – scroll through to find out more about me and Babies and Beauties. I bet you’ll find we have a bit in common.

I’m happy you’re here!

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About my photography

My style focuses on capturing the intimate, candid moments and the deep bonds within families. I aim to create not just beautiful photos but also lasting memories, so every glance at your pictures reignites the love the moment represents.

Colorful and True to Life

my photography style

When I'm not behind the camera, travel is my passion. Exploring new places enriches my understanding through culture, cuisine, and architecture. It's a journey that constantly reminds me of a universal truth: regardless of where we are or the language we speak, at our core, we all seek the same thing – We live to love – partners, parents, children – we all want peace and love - for them and for ourselves. This shared human experience deeply influences my photography and the stories I capture.

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When I'm not Working

I don’t know if I have a favorite restaurant because I love food so much. A few of my favorites are Mona Lisa Italian in Downtown San Diego (I've been going there since I was a little girl), Encinitas Fish House for some of the best fish tacos you've ever had and Pizza Port for a super low key ambiance and amazing pizza.

don't make me choose!

Favorite Place to Eat

I started in photography before digital cameras were invented or widely available so it really was about the film for me. I loved the smell of the darkroom and watching images appear out of nothing on the sheet of paper in the developer. It was like magic and where I fell in love with photography.

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Why I become a

I grew up in San Diego county, moving from La Mesa to El Cajon, Mira Mesa and up to Rancho Peñasquitos.
When I was little, one of our favorite things to do was have my Dad take us to watch the planes take off from San Diego International Airport. If you also grew up in San Diego, you know the airport has changed, A LOT! But, there used to be a little parking lot off of North Harbor Drive (just east of where the Cargo buildings are now) and we would grab a Slurpee from 7-11 and my sisters and I would sit on the top of my Dad's pickup and just watch the planes. It is one of my favorite memories of growing up in San Diego!

Growing up in San Diego

Home Sweet Home

Growing up, my sisters and I would spend hours looking through our family photo albums, peeling back the clear page covers, and looking at the names and dates on the back of the photos. I loved seeing pictures of family I knew well and those I never met. 

I remember my grandmother always trying to get out of taking photos during my teenage years. She didn't want to be in a photograph because her hair wasn't done, she didn't have makeup on, or she felt she needed to lose weight. Can you relate? I think we've all been there.

She passed away in 2002, and although now, as an adult, I can see her side of not wanting to be photographed, we also don't have that many photos of her. And it breaks my heart. I loved my grandma and wish we had more to remember her by. 

This is the reason I want all my clients to go into their session feeling prepared, styled, and relaxed so we can take fantastic photos. My goal is that each client walk away with printed artwork. Heirlooms are as much about remembering all these little moments as they are about creating a legacy that will be around for generations. Digital files on a hard drive or your phone that you hardly ever see are a waste. Print it and print it big so you can walk past it every day and remember.

Going beyond digital files and embracing tangible memories

The power of printed memories

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